The Best of 2012

I know we’re supposed to be focusing on making 2013 all it can be, right from the start. But 2012 had it’s good spots, too. Here are some of the most popular Small Town Revelations posts from 2012!

The Hunger Games

I love this book series. It was super fun to read, quick, and my friend Kelsey was reading it at the same time, so we could gossip about it at work!

Lateral Raise

This was the final post in a 3-part workout series. It’s a full body workout including everything from lower body to upper body, abs, and more. Whew. I can feel the burn just reading it.

Bosu workout

I love love love the Bosu. Use it to intensify regular, old bodyweight work and take your workout to the next level! My cats even love the Bosu!

Overhead Raise

Need a quick upper body workout? This one really gets the burn going. Try to do it with as little rest in between sets to intensify and get your arms and back toned faster.

Seems like you guys really like the workouts! I’ll make sure to post more throughout 2013!



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