It’s Monday!

Good, good, good Monday morning! I hope everyone had a great weekend. I feel like they always go by a little too quickly, but I guess that’s what makes us look forward to them so much during the week.

Weekend baby


I mentioned on Friday that Sean and I were starting to look at houses in the area. Well, our search was bad news bears on Saturday morning. I wonder when house flipping really became a thing. During the housing boom, I’m sure. But nowadays, it seems like people are buying up cheap little properties in weird neighborhoods but well-desired locations, putting as little into them as possible and expecting unknowledgeable home-seekers to just buy them based on surface looks.

Fortunately, we found a realtor who’s done house flipping work, but he’s done it right. He showed us what was done incorrectly and cheaply in some of the houses we looked at and what would cause an inspector to say, “No way, Jose!” I hated it that it seemed there was something wrong with every house, but I guess you have to look at those things if you’re looking to take out a 30-year loan for $100k+. Yikes!

House for Sale

One of the options Sean nixed immediately.

We’re rearranging our search area (goodbye, perimeter!), and changing the price range we were looking at to hopefully remedy that issue. FYI–when you’re looking for houses, try looking about $10k over your budget, because just like any major purchase, you can negotiate prices.

So, now it’s time to reveal the big news that’s happening over at the blog! Ready?

I’m thinking about buying my own URL/hosting. I was going to go ahead and do it, but I thought I’d give you guys a chance to weigh in. When looking at URL options, I realized that www. SmallTownRevelations .com wouldn’t be easy to type at all. And heaven knows “revelations” isn’t easy to spell if you haven’t typed it a million times like I have.

Blog Header

Does something like sound dumb? Or should I consider changing my blog name altogether? Some people have commented that I’m not really a “small town girl” anymore. Maybe it’s the road rage. I don’t know. 🙂

Do you guys have any thoughts on URLs? Blog name changes? I’ve thought about something like Life with Lyn (Sean calls me Lyn sometimes), but no one really knows me by that. I’m sure I can think of something!

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