You’re Never Fully Dressed…

Good Monday morning to you! I hope your weekend was everything you wanted and more. Friday I made the grueling trip up to Tennessee right after work. It’s weird how hard it is to drive in the afternoon as compared to the morning when you’re well-rested. By the time I got to Lenior City, I was amazed that I could even function long enough to drive through to Sevierville.

My mom is doing really well so far. She was tired but just waiting up so she could take some medicine (since she has it scheduled out right down to the hour). I got up multiple times per night to help her (which was completely fine, not complaining at all), but it made me realize that there’s no way I could have kids.

Heisman Kid

This incident has nothing to do with it…

Can’t. Function. When. Low. On. Sleep.


It’s a rainy Monday here in Atlanta! I hope yours is wonderful. Remember to focus on having a positive attitude and brightening someone else’s day through the gloom.

Also, I’m singing this song this morning. So SMILE this Monday!

You’re Never Fully Dressed without a Smile

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