30 Things – List Your Top 5 Hobbies and Why You Love Them

Alrighty, here we go in no particular order:

1. Writing

I can always express myself better when I write. Especially when I’m emotional about things–happy, sad, angry, disappointed–I just sound better and my thoughts come out clearer when I write. Sure, speaking is the most effective form of communication, but sometimes I just get in my own way. Writing is much easier. It comes to me faster, and I just don’t mind doing it like some people do.

Yellow Flowers

2. Fitness

A lot of people find working out to be a drag. “Oh, man, I’ve got to go put 30 minutes in at the gym.” Don’t get me wrong, I’ve definitely felt that way before. However, ever since I really started working out, fitness has become an outlet for me. If I’ve had a really bad day, I can leave it all at the YMCA studio. If there’s one person who’s been making me furious or letting me down, I can get out my stuff at boxing class. In fact, my boxing instructor often says, “This is free therapy!” Truth!


3. Soccer

Soccer just feels good. I like joining my teams and helping them accomplish something (even if it’s just for a beer coupon and I don’t even drink). I like the smell of wet grass, and I love getting physical and dirty… (I mean that in the cleanest sense). Soccer just feels good and it feels right.

Soccer Cleats

4. Reading

I know I’m not the only one who loves getting caught up in a good story. The best part about reading is that you have to be part of the story as a reader. You’re complicit in the suspension of disbelief and the creation of what you’re reading. You know when a book is made into a movie and everyone says, “That is NOT what I imagined Gollum to look like!” That’s because you’re part of the story. I love that about reading.

The Hunger Games

5. Cat Collecting

Ok, I know this isn’t a real hobby. In fact, please no one go out cat collecting. However, if you are meeting me for the first time, you’ll soon find out that I just love to rescue animals, and cats are my pet of choice right now (apartment is too small for dogs). I love taking care of my fuzzy fittens. And I love the snuggly cuddles I get in return. I sound crazy right now, I know. But I really do believe animals have personalities of their own, and I love watching and taking care of my cats as they do hilarious things.

Mitten Head is sassy and cranky and would just rather be left along by the other cats, but she secretly loves getting attention. She’ll come to you if you whistle and even likes to get rowdy and chase the other cats every so often. Pudge is needy and has some sort of anxiety. He is the naughtiest cat–scratching the carpet, shredding the toilet paper, punching you in the face in the middle of the night–but he really just wants attention, for you to just love on him all day long. Tesla is the biggest cat and is afraid of everything from loud noises to new people. He’s a giant love cat, and would gladly spend all day getting belly rubs. His new favorite hobby is seeing how high he can get on the furniture (bookcases, refrigerator, closet shelves, etc.).


What are some of your hobbies?

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