Let’s Talk About Negative Body Talk

In my last “Let’s Talk About…” pieces, I addressed struggles I was having with negative self-talk and thoughts and an image I found that addresses body acceptance.

Yesterday morning, I was browsing Facebook and saw that one of my favorite bloggers, Tina from Carrots ‘N’ Cake, was a featured healthy living blogger in an Old Navy sponsored ad.

Carrots 'n' Cake Sponsored by Old Navy

I thought it was awesome that she had been featured by Old Navy. She had just tried out some of their new gear and now they were promoting her blog, too. A good equal pay off! I was going to comment about how she’s one of my favorite bloggers, and how her blog has inspired me to look deeper into CrossFit. When I clicked to expand and comment, I saw people making jabs like this:

Facebook Comments 1

Facebook Comments 2

I was truly taken aback at how mean and negative people were being. There were a few people, probably faithful readers like me, who were stepping in to say that the image was taken at an odd angle and that the woman in the picture is actually really awesome if you’d read her blog.

Still, it seemed like negative comments overwhelmed the attempts at positive and encouraging.

It really made me mad. Where do we get off judging other people’s bodies. It’s one picture. You can’t even see her face. It’s obviously taken by someone taller than she is, looking downward.

Everyone has different goals for their bodies. Some people want to be stronger. Some people want to be thinner. Some people just want to be healthier. As we grow older and our life goals change, our goals for our bodies change. Maybe after having kids, you just want the energy to keep up with them. Maybe after defeating an illness you just want to be able to run a 5k for your cause. Maybe after trying a new workout, you want to be able to master it completely one day.

Regardless of your goals and what you’d consider beautiful or healthy or fit, it’s not your job or your right to judge someone else’s goals. There. I said it. I’m definitely guilty of it too. I’m probably one of the most judgmental people I know. It is absolutely not something I’m proud of. It’s something I try to work on and mess up on every day.

But I know for certain that making someone else feel bad about her goals and her body does not make me feel better about mine.

There’s isn’t a finite amount of fitness or happiness or health to go around. It’s not a competition. Degrading someone else’s body or journey to fitness doesn’t make mine any easier or better or healthier, etc.

Take some time today to ENCOURAGE other people.

Delight in helping them reach their goals. Because those goals are theirs and not yours. 

Thanks for putting up with my lecture. I really hope it’s helped to put things in perspective for you whether you’re a judger (like I am) or on the other side of the judging.

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