Small Town Revelations = Life with Lyn

If you think you’re in the wrong spot, WAIT! I want you to stay. I’ve finally made the transition to real life and made Small Town Revelations a new blog with it’s own URL: Why didn’t I choose SmallTownRevelations(dot)com? Well, try typing that easily. I can do it, because I’ve typed it for almost 3 years, but revelations is really the killer.

Life with lyn

Also, as many people have pointed out to me, I’m not really the “small town girl in the big city” anymore. I think it’s my Atlanta road rage…

Anyway, I wanted to keep you in the loop. You may see a few other changes to layout and format as I get my blog organized and rolling into real blog land. I’ll make sure to point them out to you as we go!

Thank you so much for being my faithful blog readers! I really am so glad to be able to connect with a community of people interested in health and life and generation y and all that jazz.

I love you

Please let me know what suggestions you have or what you want to hear/read more of on Life with Lyn!

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