Flooding and House Hunting

Happy Friday! I hope everyone is having a wonderful time and staying safe in the weather that’s swept the Southeast. It seems like everyone around us got piles of snow and all Atlanta got was nasty rain.

Sean texted me yesterday at about 11 and said he wasn’t feeling well, so he was leaving work early. I got a text about 30 minutes later when he’d gotten home and discovered that our bathrooms had flooded nasty poo and river water into the bedrooms and the closet. Ew. Ew, ew, ew.

My first reaction was, “Get everything out of the closet!” I didn’t want to break my New Year’s resolution of not buying new clothes in January. I had a meeting at work at 2:30 and was supposed to meet with our realtor at 1pm to see a house (that I’m sure is THE house).

House Hunting

I asked my boss if I could leave after the meeting to try to sort out the flooding mess, and everyone at my new job graciously said, “Leave now!” By the time I got home, Sean had moved everything out of the closets and away from the flooded areas. It was a wreck! Nothing is more frustrating than your house being a total chaos zone.

Flood Zone

Sean had called the apartment complex’s maintenance company, and they were pretty prompt. Apparently, the same thing was happening to our neighbor, so they were right across the way. They came quickly and pulled back the carpet, removed the padding underneath, and shampooed the remaining carpet. I’m a little worried that the poo-water seeped into the baseboard and walls (since it had to go under/through to get into the closet), and we’re going to have mold/e-coli issues. My mom is pretty mad that all they did was shampoo.

Any advice or insight from more handy people than I?

Bluh. Hopefully this weekend will be better than yesterday! I’m super excited to try a bunch of new recipes with my new meal planning … plan. And I’m going to test out my new bread maker. No more store-bought bread! I can also make cinnamon rolls, pizza dough, and other bread stuffs. Behold the gluten!

Have a great weekend!

4 thoughts on “Flooding and House Hunting

  1. Do a bleach/water scrub of the baseboards and such. That should help kill everything off. 1-4 ratio is usually good, though I prefer a stronger mixture. Just gotta make sure you have ventilation and some sort of eye protection.

  2. I agree with your mom! Sounds like a plumbing issue. If you see any hesitancy in your tub draining or your toilet flushing I would call right away.

    Good luck with the house hunting!! How very adult of you!

    1. Thanks for the advice. I’m hoping we can get out of our lease because of this. Just thinking about it makes me feel nauseated!

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