Exercise, Snow, and Beaches…

We made it to the halfway point in the week. It feels like this week is just flying by? Wasn’t it just Wednesday? I’m still trying to figure out the look of my blog while teaching myself PhotoShop/InDesign/GIMP. You know, no biggie!

life with lyn

Tonight is boxing night, and I feel like I haven’t been in forever! In all reality, I haven’t really done any exercising in forever. I guess between getting settled in a new job, house hunting, and just not making the time for it, I’ve let exercise fall to the wayside. Don’t worry, I’ve noticed the difference. It’s important to me to move my body a little every day. It really helps me relieve stress and frustration that just piles up as the days goes on.

They say, “Don’t sweat the small stuff,” but I think it’s important to “sweat it out,” if you know what I mean. Exercise releases endorphins that just make you feel better about life, and even those small little annoyances you may have been holding on to. Getting my sweat on really helps me let go of those and focus on me and improving myself.

It’s getting pretty chilly down here in the ATL. When Sean and I first moved down here in 2010, Atlanta got one if it’s biggest snow and ice storms in decades. The whole city seemed to shut down for a week. The roads were iced over and our resources (read: salt trucks) were limited, so only the major highways were taken care of. But no one could get our of their homes to make it to the highway! We live right by 2 major highways, and we couldn’t get out of our apartment parking lot.

Frozen Bikes

It’s 28* as I’m writing this, and the high for today is 52*! I know that seems like shorts weather for people in the northern states, but it’s been a fairly mild winter for us here in the South, minus the super snow that everyone around us seemed to get, so these cold temps make it feel like it’s actually winter!

Now we just need some snow!

I know some people would rather enjoy warmer weather. Sean’s already talking about a beach vacation! Pouty potato chip Carolyn!

Pouty Carolyn

How do you relieve stress? Reading? A bubble bath? Running? Taking a nap? 🙂

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