So sorry I was MIA yesterday, I spent most of Wednesday night/Thursday morning worshiping the porcelain god. I’ve been sick more this season than I have any other year of my adult life. It’s really the pits! I mean, I threw up in a trash can for the first time in my whole life. That’s a new low.

I emailed my work at 3am, because I figured once you’ve been up most the night being sickly, you’re probably not good for anything the next day. I feel terrible about it because I’ve used more sick days (1.5) since I started this new job (a little over a month ago!) than I have since I entered the job market. Can you believe that? One of those sick/personal days was because of the apartment flood, but still.

Flood Zone

Flood Zone!

And even though I’ve been in Atlanta for almost 3 whole years, I still don’t have a primary care doctor. So I hoofed it to the nearest CVS Minute Clinic where I was the first one in line (boom!). After running some test and taking my temperature (still had a fever!), the doctor gave me some prescription meds, told me to drink lots of water, and sent me home to bed.

I was starving by the time I got home, so I tried to make some soup. However, the cats had others things in mind. Mainly, Mitten Head seemed to mimic me (like mother, like cat-daughter) and throw up all over the house. Hoorah. There’s nothing like cleaning up cat vomit when you’re sick, too. I halfway forgot about my early lunch and managed to burn the food, the pan, and the cutting board. At least I didn’t burn myself.

After that, I decided to try to take a nap to recover from staying up all last night. When I woke up and hour and a half later, I was in some awfully contorted position with all three cats right on top of me. It was awkward and hot and I felt like I couldn’t move under the weight of three measly cats. I’m a wimp.

Cat Pile

Cat Pile

I felt a lot better after the nap and decided I’d try to do laundry (and de-germify the sheets), make bread (which really just consists of measuring ingredients into the bread maker and pressing start), and vacuuming up the baking soda I used to clean up the cat presents Mitten had upchucked all over the house.

Laundry felt like it weighed a million pounds. Maybe I need to start lifting more weights or maybe it’s the illness, but doing laundry wore me out. Making the bed was exhausting.

One of my favorite bloggers, Jen from Peanut Butter Runner asked her Facebook followers to name one positive thing about their days this afternoon. I was really tempted to say, “That it’s almost over!” But I didn’t want to negative up the whole thread.

Name One Positive Thing About Your Day

I started feeling gross again Thursday night. Here’s to hoping today’s better!

Happy Friday!


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