Monday Meal and Fitness Planning

Happy Monday! I spent all weekend being a Lazy Face McGee. We started Saturday off with two amazing soccer games with our winter league. It’s “World Cup,” and we’re Ivory Coast. We won the first game 5 to 2, and lost the second game by one point–3 to 2. It was definitely chilly, but once we got moving the layers started coming off.

Soccer Cleats

After that, we showered, had lunch (leftover white bean and avocado enchiladas), and headed out to the grocery store. We usually try to grocery shop first thing in the mornings on the weekends (we’re up at 5 or 6 anyway!) to avoid crazy traffic and crazy people. The past two weeks we’ve been trying to plan out our meals before we go grocery shopping so we’re not just left scrounging through the fridge at 6pm starving. Those situations result in cereal or other breakfast-for-dinner options.

This week we’re looking at the following:

Toast with jamz

No toast for dinner…

I know it also helps when people have their workouts planned for the week. I know that sometimes I put on here that I’m going to work out, and then I get home and something’s happened (flooding, sickness, gosh darn laziness). So here’s my plan for this week:

  • Monday: Running in the morning and/or Hatha Yoga in the afternoon at the YMCA
  • Tuesday: Turbo Kick at the YMCA in the evening
  • Wednesday: Lunch run with coworker (pending a lunch meeting); Boxing at night at the YMCA
  • Thursday: Swimming/Rest Day
  • Friday: Running
  • Saturday: Soccer or Running
  • Sunday: Rest or Swim

Workout Face

Workout Face

I’ll try to remember to report back and let you know how it’s going! I’m giving myself some flexibility to mess up/miss something/replace things with other workouts.

I hope your weekend was wonderful and your Monday is fantastic!

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