THE House

House hunting has been weird. We’re obviously first-time buyers, so we don’t really know what we’re doing. Fortunately, we have Connie and Ed–the best team of realtors Atlanta could offer. Connie is always keeping us up to date on the latest homes to come on the market at our price point, and Ed is there at the drop of the hat to show us the home and answer all eighty thousand questions Sean will inevitably ask about everything that ever existed in real estate.

A few weeks ago a house popped up on the radar that I thought was THE house.

Twitter Confession

We went to check it out after I left work, and I loved it. I love love loved it. It was airy, had good light, tall ceilings, big bedrooms, lots of windows, even a skylight in the living room! No lights during the day! Sean was ok with it until Ed started to point out some of the issues that could affect us in resale: lack of a big dining room, no real laundry room (just hook ups in the garage area), and the odd layout that I thought was amazing would be off-putting to some people. So Sean decided we should look at other houses to see what else was out there.

I still kept this one in the back of my mind, of course, since I thought it was amazing.

Well, last night after looking at a house with a giant (I mean, 20-foot) pit, which scared the hoo-ha out of me (I mean, what kind of bodies could be buried there?), we decided to go back to the house I love and give it one more look. And who happened to be there, but the builder/renovator!

Success Baby

We got to ask him questions and hear his wonderful German accent (oo la la, don’t tell Sean). He was super nice and said he’d be willing to make some of the changes that we were interested in and asked our opinions about his layout, etc. And?!

Sean asked our realtor to make an offer!

So, please send us good thoughts today. I really want this house out of all the houses we’ve seen. It’s in a good neighborhood and pretty good school district, and we’d have an older couple as our next door neighbors (I love old people)! I can’t wait! (Note: I may be getting my hopes up too soon…)

Happy Wednesday!

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