No More Excuses!

Sean informed me yesterday that I wasn’t supposed to tell you all that we’re house hunting, so please ignore everything I’ve said about it up till now…

In other news, I finally made it to exercise last night after what’s seemed like 2 whole months without it. I have been going to classes intermittently throughout November, December, and January, but it really seems like I can’t catch a break (and I’d also rather sleep when the decision comes down to the two).

Sleepy Kitty

Mitten says, “Get in bed. It’s warm in here.”

I feel like I can get back on track now as things are starting to slow down. I’m done being sick (knock on wood). My mom’s recovering well from hip replacement surgery. Our apartment has recovered from flooding… I think. The situation that I’m not supposed to tell you about (see above) may be ending soon.

SO! I’m getting myself back on track. I also talked to a girl at my gym last night who was telling me that she also has a membership to LA Fitness because they are ALL OVER ATLANTA and the surrounding area, so she can go there before work, during her lunch break, after work, etc. because she’s always near a location.  She said their classes aren’t as good as the YMCA, that’s why she keeps her Y membership. But when you just need an excuse to skip the gym, location can’t be your crutch.


Get your sweat on!

I might look into that, because apparently LA Fitness is only $30 a month and if the unsaid situation occurs (see above), I know I’ll always be close to one since there are about 50 million throughout Atlanta. Seriously, I can get to 2 locations in 5 minutes from our apartment. Pretty neato cheato.

ANYWAY. Tomorrow’s the first day of February! Can you believe 2013 is already 1/12 over? Ha ha. I’ll let you know where I’m at on my 2013 New Year’s Resolutions (here’s a forecast: failing a lot so far).

Cat blogger

According to Tesla’s reports, you’re failing hard!

Happy Thursday!

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