Super Monday

Still tired from last night’s game? I know I am, and I didn’t even stay up for the whole thing. After the lights went out and the Ravens were ahead by so much, I decided it was time to start getting ready for bed anyway. I saw that the 49ers were getting their comeback on as I was climbing into bed, but by that time, I was too far in the pre-sleep process. Apparently, it turned out to be a good second half. However, I wonder how many other people just turned the TV off to get an extra hour of sleep in lieu finishing the game. I saw someone tweeting that a lot of people left the stadium too.

Super Bowl Lights

Yes, this happened on Twitter…

Also, how scary would it have been to be in the stadium when that happened. Or worse, in a bathroom or corridor? Scary. Or maybe I’m just a big weenie.

That’s got to mean a lot for all those advertisers who spent millions (if not billions) to get their ad to the Super Bowl. I noticed some ad replay when some advertising news agencies I follow on Twitter mentioned that they’ll run out of commercials before the end of the game.

Anyway, I hope the game turned out how you wanted. I wasn’t overly impressed with any of the commercials. They were a little bit of a letdown this year. The only one that was truly memorable to me was the JEEP Halftime Commercial. Oh, I teared up. Two whole minutes! Watch it. Watch it, watch it.

And what about that halftime show? I saw many differing opinions. Some people wish Beyonce had actually done a little more singing (especially after the lip synching incident at the inauguration). Some people loved it, some wished there were more Destiny’s Child, some wished she’d at least worn pants.  I liked it. I thought it was fairly entertaining, and at least I knew the sings she was singing, right? As opposed to halftime shows past. I agree with the pants thing, especially after seeing some of those dance moves. But overall, the halftime show was better than the actual game for a lot of people.

I am reading that a lot of people just weren’t into the Super Bowl this year. What about you? Did you watch the Puppy Bowl instead or cuddle up with a nice book? If you were watching, did your team win? What did you think of the “black out?”


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