Cat Surgery-Round 2!

Cuddly Pudge

The loviest cat you’ll ever meet–the Pudgeman.

I noticed Pudge acting weird yesterday morning while I was scooping the litter box, and I asked Sean to take him to the vet in the afternoon (since he gets off way before I do, and before the vet closes). Fast forward to 5pm, Pudge has been diagnosed with bladder stones that require surgery. Shavey belly and all.

I feel bad because I feel like I should have caught this earlier. He never acts like he’s in pain, though. But I have noticed weird potty time behavior. Sigh. Sometimes I just wish cats could talk.

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We’re taking him into the vet today for observation to see if he has a bladder infection and determine what type of stones he has. The type of stone will determine the type (and cost) of his surgery. The vet says it’s the size of a jelly bean! That’s pretty big for a tiny baby-cat. She also says that there are usually multiple stones–not just one. Please wish the Pudgeman well. 🙂

Also, we made it to Wednesday! Embrace today, enjoy it. Take time to appreciate your interactions and leave each one making the other people happier.

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