Popes, Cat Surgery, and Grammys

Did you read the news about Pope Benedict? He’s the first Pope to resign since 1415! I hope all is well for him health-wise. This seems extra relevant to me since I’m reading The Beautiful Mystery, about a murder in a secluded monastery–which had to have been committed by one of the monks. I know that makes me sound shallow. Yes, the Pope’s resignation is significant to me in many more ways than this, but I’m not Catholic, and don’t really identify with the religion in which I was raised, so a literary connection is the best I can forge for now.

The Beautiful Mystery

Not to skip around, but today is Pudge’s surgery. He gets his bladder stone removed this morning. The vet told us it’s the size of a jelly bean (imagine how big that must be in a tiny cat bladder!), so we’ve been calling it his jelly bean. He’s not thrilled with us this morning since he was not allowed any more food or water after 9pm last night. He’s tried everything from sneaking food off our breakfast plates to licking the water off the shower walls. The other funny part is we’re not feeding any of the cats until after Pudge is headed to the vet, so they’re all acting hilarious. Telsa is trying to eat the solid oak TV stand. Mitten is walking all over Sean trying to get him to pay attention to her.

Kitty Kiss

He has to spend the night at the vet :(. Mitten didn’t even have to do that when she had her dental surgery. I know this sounds ridiculous to people who don’t identify with cats or even pets like I do, but my cats are my kids.

Another subject break. Did anyone watch the Grammys last night? I didn’t but I did go through the fashion update and quick overview of the show this morning. Can we all just agree that Chris Brown needs to go into a Clockwork Orange-like therapy session to get the heck over himself. I mean, man, I just want to shake him. Ok, enough of that.

I hope your Monday is wonderful and fantastic! I’ll make sure to post pictures of Pudge’s shavy belly after we get him tomorrow.

Monday Quote


2 thoughts on “Popes, Cat Surgery, and Grammys

  1. I hadn’t heard about the Pope, that’s interesting. I was reading “Angels and Demons” when Pope John Paul passed in 2005. That was weird and oddly coincidental. I was also reading “Fluke: Or I know why the caged whale sings” by Christopher Moore while I was traveling to Alaska where we went whale watching. I always get a little joy when the things that I’m reading for pleasure start to be coincidental like that.

    1. It is a little exciting! I was reading The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest when the Patraeus scandal news broke, and I felt like I had an inside look into conspiracy theories.

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