Let’s Try This Again

Ok, let’s try this again. This weekend was pretty good. After killing hot yoga on Friday, the rest of the weekend was a combination of soccer and laziness. We woke up Saturday morning at the usual time (between 5 and 6 am), and made breakfast. Then we went back to bed until 10. 10! That’s unheard of for me. But, boy, was it glorious. The cats even slept with us, which makes it 10 times better (and warmer, too).

After getting up and getting ready, we headed off to the grocery store for a few things, and then off to soccer in the cold, windy weather. We did well despite the cold, advancing to the second round of rec league play offs with a score of 2-0. This is where is starts getting nasty, and people start playing like it’s the World Cup in Atlanta.

Bundled Up Soccer

After soccer we finished getting groceries and browsed a few store just for funsies. Well, it was Lowe’s but they have so much interesting stuff there. Kitchen drawer organization–did you know they have that? Garage organization systems–did you know they have that? Closet … organization–can you see the theme? I’d like to organize everything that ever existed and belonged to me.

On Sunday, we got up early just to be lazy again. I spent a ridiculous amount of time on Pinterest. Also, I’m going to try to DIY my own hand soap soon… and then organize that somehow. We played another cold, windy soccer game but were less fortunate. It’s really hard to win when you’re down a player for the entire first half and part of the second half. We managed to scrape a keeper from his warm up for an upcoming game to make the match a little more fair. But, by that time, we were a little too far behind to even consider a comeback. 5-0. An unheard of loss in soccer.

We made pizza Sunday for lunch and then pasta for dinner. I ate a ridiculous amount of tomato products and not a single vegetable that day–a true feat for a vegetarian. It was a great weekend, though. They always seem to go by too quickly.

I hope Tuesday is fantastic. It seems it’s cold and rainy here (just a few more degrees and all this winter rain could have been snow).

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