Pitch Perfect Movie Review

If you saw my Fat Amy post last Friday, you know I’ve been wanting to see the movie Pitch Perfect for a while now. Well, there was no better time than Wednesday night since I got home later than I planned, was starving, and Sean was out of town. I really like that iTunes has a rent option. You can buy a movie for $13 or rent it for $5.

So I rented Pitch Perfect, and settled in with my corn bag and the cat blanket my aunt made me last Christmas (not last one but the one before), a cup of Espresso Chip frozen yogurt, and watched the movie.

It. Was. Hilarious. It was sort of snarky and sarcastic like Mean Girls, and didn’t take itself too seriously as a movie. Rebel Wilson is the bomb dot com and was really the “cherry on top.”

Pitch Perfect Movie

The story begins with Beca’s first year in college. She’s an avid music maker who’d rather move to LA and get into producing hit tracks (with wicked beats, yo). Her dad teaches comparative literature at the college, though, and is all about her finishing her 4 years before pursuing her dream. He tells her to actually TRY her first year to make friends and work hard, and if she still wants to move to LA after that, he’ll pay for it.

Meanwhile, she’s caught singing in the shower by a top member of the college’s all-female a capella group, the Barden Bellas. Her stalker encourages her to try out for the group, which Beca does to appease her dad’s wishes.

From there, we’re kind of in a Glee-style singing movie with Riff-Offs and competitions against the Bellas’ biggest rivals: the Treble Makers. It’s pretty meta, even, with one character telling the auditioners that “This isn’t high school!” A total rip on Glee. It all good old fashioned fun throughout the movie. If you’re going in expecting serious business, you’ll be disappointed. But if you going in looking for a good laugh and some interesting musical numbers, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed!

Oh, and it’s FINALLY Friday. I can’t believe I made it. 🙂 Have a great one!


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