Too Short Weekend Recap

Happy Monday! I hope the weekend was fantastic for everyone. Mine was so short. Friday night I got my sweat on at hot yoga. I like Fridays because I can get there by 4:30, so I still have the rest of the evening to be awake. Though, I usually still go to bed at 9 because I’m beat by the time it rolls around.

I found out Friday night that my Saturday soccer games were canceled due to field saturation (thanks a lot, rain, geez!), so I got up early to do laundry, clean the house, and get groceries all before Turbo Kick at the YMCA at 10am. It was an awesome class. The teacher was great, the energy of my fellow classmates was spot-on. I just love classes like that.

The Emperor's New Groove

I got home, had a snack, and took a shower. Then I had real lunch and was pooped, so I took a nap. I had tried earlier in the day to schedule a massage that Sean got me for Christmas, but they were booked, so I figured a nap would suffice. After I woke up, I made a big, ol’ pot of vegan chili with cornbread and brownies. Yum to the max, perfect for a cloudy, rainy Saturday.

Sean finally got home from TN around 9pm, which was just enough time to get ready for bed. I have a sleep addiction. I don’t care to admit it.

Sunday morning was lazy, and that’s just how I like it. We woke up and had breakfast, then I tried to go back to sleep. The cats weren’t really having that, so we got up to go walk around some stores. We went to Target, Petsmart, World Market, and my new favorite, a thrift store nearby called A Classy Flea. They had a bunch of cool and interesting stuff! Sunday soccer was also canceled because of flooded fields, so we hung around the house and accepted the lazy day for what it was.

Sleepy Kitties

I did not watch this Oscars, though, I wish I had by the comments on Facebook. Instead, we watched episodes of The IT Crowd, and went to bed early. Again, I have a sad addiction to sleeping. I refuse help.

I hope your weekend was restful and fun! Here’s to a wonderful last week in February (last week?!).

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