The Taste on ABC and More Sleep, Please

Can you believe we’re already at Wednesday? This time last week, it felt like eons away from Friday, now we’ve almost already made it through the first half of the week. Flash. It’s over.

Sean and I stayed up WAY too late last night watching The Taste. It’s the only show that I actually “schedule” time to watch. I saw the first episode on Hulu over a weekend, and it ended with “Next time on The Taste…” so, of course, I had to see what happened! It has Nigella Lawson and Anthony Bourdain. Also two other chefs who I hadn’t known about before, but who are hilarious all the same–Ludo a French chef who gets so passionate I’m pretty sure no one knows what he’s saying, and Malarkey who dresses like your all-American frat boy but is hilarious and really knows how to “play the game.”

ABC's The Taste


Ludo Lefebvre, Nigella Lawson, Brian Malarkey, Anthony Bourdain

They all picked teams of 4 chefs in the beginning. The trick is that their chefs all have to prepare a spoonful of a dish from a weekly ingredient (last night’s ingredient was “off cuts:” testicles, stomach linings, pig’s blood–gag). The judges (famous chefs) taste each spoonful not knowing whose food they’re eating. Then the judges vote for their best and worst dish. This means they can vote against contestants on their own team! Aaaaanyway. I find it interesting. Also, who doesn’t love Nigella Lawson and Anthony Bourdain?

Except they moved it from 8pm on Tuesday to 9pm. By the time I got in bed it was 10:30, unheard of from me. Needless to say, I’m beat this morning. When the alarm went off, I realized I hadn’t moved a single bit from when I got comfortable last night. Solid sleep.

Morning Coffee

So, I poured myself a tumbler of iced coffee (thanks for the amazing hand-painted cup, Katie!), and am trying to start my day off with a good attitude! Smile, smile, smile. And happy, happy thoughts. I hope you’re Wednesday is wonderful, as well. FYI: This is my awesome tumbler.

ypress Home 17-Ounce Insulated Cup With Lid and Straw, Madison's Garden


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