Boxing and 6 Marathons Around the World

Happy Thursday! I finally made it out to boxing last night after a busy few weeks.

Twitter Boxing Workout Motivation

My instructor definitely made it worth while. There were a bunch of beginners in the class, so we worked on form. Do you ever notice, after you’ve learned the moves and have been doing a form of exercise for a while, how important it is to just review the basics? We focused on every punch, which was a real arm burn out. Then we did some kicks, and Tracy kicked it up a notch by adding in some lunges and the like for the “alumni” as she calls us. I stayed afterward with her and another friend to chat until I was about to call asleep in the YMCA lobby (yes, at 9:30pm…). It was a good night.

My friend Bridget is running the Publix marathon on March 17th, and hearing her talk about it got me fired up to sign up for another marathon. I did a little research, and there are some awesome races out there across the world.

Thumbs Up Race Finish

Check out this 20 Races to do before you die from Runner’s World! I really want to do the:

  • Paris Marathon
  • North Pole Marathon
  • Athens Marathon (where marathons began!)
  • Boston Marathon
  • New York Marathon
  • Antarctica (Ice) Marathon!

I got a lot of saving and running to do!

What are some crazy “one-day” events you’re hoping to reach?

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