Daylight Savings and Friend Visits!

Sorry I was MIA yesterday. Daylight savings really got the best of me. I mean, the alarm went off at 5:30. Snooze. 5:40, Sean gets up. I snooze. 5:50, I can hear Sean making breakfast, I snooze. 6:00, I get up for breakfast and turn off my alarm. We eat breakfast, and I get back in bed while Sean gets ready for work. He starts brushing his teeth with the electric toothbrush, and I yell, “No!” So he closes the bathroom door.

When he’s done getting ready for work, he comes and sits next to me in the bed and reads the news on his iPad quietly while the cats keep me toasty. At 6:40, Sean gets up to head to work, and I finally peel myself out of bed to start getting ready myself. I’m really glad Sean loves me enough to put up with my 5-year-old shenanigans. I really think I have a sleep problem. I looked it up one night, and sleep addiction is not a real thing, but hypersomnia could be.

Tired Sleepy baby

Last night we also had the pleasure of hanging out with Nicole Wicker. Her husband, Ben, was the Residence Life Coordinator of my building in college (so, pretty much my boss). She is headed to a conference this morning, and we got the chance to hang out and chat last night and this morning. Love seeing old friends!

I hope your Tuesday is wonderful!

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