Tutorial: How to Set Up a WordPress Blog–Part I

I get a lot of messages from other people asking how they can start their own blogs. I’ve decided to create a How-To Blogging series to help answer your questions. This is just the basic set-up, initial post. But I plan on posting about what to write, how to write, blog SEO, tagging, etc. So, please send your questions my way!

Getting started writing your own blog is easier than you may think. You just need a little less than an hour to get started and some inspiration. I think WordPress is one of the better blogging platforms. I’ve put all my most recent blogs on WordPress, and never had an issue. Plus, it’s totally free!

Firstly, visit www.wordpress.com and click the “Get Started” button to create an account.

How to Start a Blog 1

There, you’ll enter your email address, create a username and password, and create your blog name. Think of catchy and fun blog names that aren’t too shortsighted for your goals. If you’re starting a food blog, an exercise blog, or a lifestyle blog, think of something that would roll off people’s tongues. I came up with Small Town Revelations on a whim, and recent changed it to Life With Lyn. I think the second is catchier and people kept telling me how I wasn’t a “small town girl” in the big city anymore. Maybe it was all my posts about people driving too slowly? Ha!

Fortunately, you can always change the blog address later (unless you buy a custom URL). Free blogs will always have the wordpress.com suffix. To get a .com or .org, you have to pay an annual fee.

How to Start a Blog 2

Once you’ve figured all this out, click “Signup.”

It’ll take you to an options page where you can choose to pay for your blog. DON’T FREAK OUT! You can get your blog for free by clicking, “Choose Basic.”

From there, you’ll get a confirmation email.  Once you receive that, click the “Activate Blog” button.

Once you click that, you’ll be directed to a set up page where you can give your blog a title and tag line. You’ll also choose the language here. Click “Next Step” when you’re done here.

You are then directed to an area to browse potential themes (or looks) for your blog. You can always change these, so don’t feel super pressured to figure it all out right away. Some themes are “premium,” which means you have to pay for them. There are plenty of free themes that are customizable, so don’t feel pressured to buy one to make your blog look good.

Creating a Blog Tutorial 5

Then you can create your first post! Once you’ve figured that out, you are directed to your WordPress Dashboard.

Tune in again for tips on SEO, tagging, and what to write about.


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