Everyone is Sick and I’m Tired

Oh, what a Wednesday. I got 9 hours of sleep Tuesday night, and I still had trouble being awake on Wednesday. I’m trying to slow down on how much iced coffee I consume (usually just 1 cup, measured out, each morning), so maybe it’s the lack of caffeine. Sean took his car to the transmission place again. Don’t worry, his transmission isn’t broken again, I think. They were supposed to have it ready this morning, but won’t. So I have to go pick him up on my lunch break and drive him to get his car. Cars are a hassle.


Let’s all ride bikes!

Speaking of hassles, Sean sent me an email yesterday that Mitten Head has another UTI. Unlike Pudge, who just went about his merry way when he had a bladder stone, Mitten Head pops a squat everywhere in the apartment when she has a UTI. I feel bad for her, because it obviously feels like she’s got to pee all the time, but when she tries, nothing comes out. Still, it’s disconcerting to watch your cat try to pee on everything you own, so we had to lock her in the littler box room for most of yesterday. Sean, without his car, walked to the vet to pick up some meds for her. Hopefully she’ll be feeling better soon. She’s already back to beating up the other cats, so it seems like she’s feeling better already.

Mitten Head

Mitten ruin my yoga plans last night, so I stayed home and made spinach and ricotta ravioli for dinner. Yum. We went to bed ridiculously early again (maybe that’s my problem?) because I was so tired. Sean got up sick sometime in the middle of the night. I felt really bad for him because he was obviously not feeling well. However, I was so tired, I had a hard time expressing my empathy other than asking him how he was as I lie in bed half awake. I’m pretty much the best girlfriend ever, especially after he walked to the vet to get medicine for our cat. I’ll make it up to him with homemade dessert this weekend. 🙂

Sean got me a massage gift card for Christmas, and I’m super excited to finally cash it in this Saturday! Two more days!

What are you looking forward to this weekend?

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