Weekend Plans and Rough Goals

It’s the most wonderful time of the week. Yes, I’m still listening to Christmas songs. I hope your weeks went by as quickly as mine. I love a good week. Work got done. Fun was had. Got to see friends. Got to be lazy. Got to get my sweat on. All is well.

This weekend should be just as busy, too. We’ve got to do the regular stuff like buy groceries, clean the apartment, among other extra things. But we make sure to get other good things in there, too, like massages (hooray!), soccer, and movie watching. Also a lot of eating and sleeping (yay, naps!).

I saw this online the other day and could not help but think of… myself.

Carlton Early Bedtime

What a gangster.

I’ve been a little lazy this week with working out (even though we have been pretty busy). Here’s how the week went down:

  • Sunday – soccer
  • Monday – rest
  • Tuesday – Turbo Kick
  • Wednesday – ran 4 miles
  • Thursday – rest

Today I’m planning on going swimming after work. I really need to get back into weights now that I’m not tri training. Then again, tri season IS coming up. I’d definitely be interested in doing the Iron Girl sprint triathlon again. Heaven knows I can only improve on my time for that one. It was my first triathlon, though, and I biked with a mountain bike the whole time. Mother of Pearl, that was hard.

Triathlon Swim Portion

Look how happy I am to be alive at this moment…

I’m a little disappointed that I won’t get to do the half Ironman I signed up for (just because of my constant illness this winter and complete lack of training), but I know I can train for a sprint and maybe and Olympic triathlon this season. I WANT to work my way up to a half and then maybe even a full.

While we’re speaking of goals, I want to run some more marathons, too, this year. Obviously I’m not crazy. If I make it to a full Ironman, then I will be running a marathon after my swim & bike. Whew!

First things first, though, I need a road bike. Gotta get on that baby soon.

What are some goals you’re working on this year? 

Happy Friday!

4 thoughts on “Weekend Plans and Rough Goals

  1. Looking forward to seeing your definite goals – maybes don’t count! 😉 I haven’t signed up for any challenges, my only personal goal is to work out 3 times a week. My friend is training for the Tough Mudder event. All I can say to that is: OOOOOOFFFFTTTT!!

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