Small Things Friday

Hooray! It’s Friday. This week felt like it flew by, which is pretty good because I’ve been in a pretty grumpy mood since about Monday afternoon. Fortunately, there have been little “pick-me-ups” along the way, small things that have made the week feel less hard, more manageable. Like this note I found in my lunchbox yesterday:

Lunchbox Love Note

Sometimes the smallest things make the biggest difference: Small compliments, people commenting on how they read my blog and they think I’m more talented than I think I am, (maybe I’ll go give Photoshop a try after all), or friends encouraging you to treat yourself:

Twitter Starbucks Conversation

And then taking that kindhearted inspiration to make someone else’s day:

Starbucks Coffee Chain

Sometimes, small things are just small things, like paying for someone else’s overpriced coffee just so maybe they’ll “pay it forward” or so perhaps it’ll change their mood. But sometimes, small things can become bigger things. Like a shift in your entire day for the better.

I hope you take the short amount of time that it take to do a “small thing” for someone else today. They may not even recognize how you’ve helped them or inspired them, but it’ll be worth the small effort on your part.

Happy Friday, everyone! Have a wonderful weekend.


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