Scattered Thoughts–Nurses, Turbo Kick, News, Etc.

It’s Wednesday, but it feels like it should be Friday. Yesterday was a long day at work for me, but I wasn’t even at work. We traveled to a hospital to see how they are using our product. We met some wonderful nurses who were the happiest people on earth. It makes me smile to know that certain people on the “front lines of medicine” are so wonderful to be around.

After a day of traveling and meeting people and taking notes, I came home, ate a snack, and headed out to Turbo Kick at the YMCA. Turbo Kick was my first foray into fitness (other than playing soccer from elementary to high school). I went to my first Turbo Kick fitness class in the Maryville College Alumni Gym and have been hooked ever since. It’s weird to think. I’ve been Turbo Kicking for 6 or so years.

Enough reminiscing! I can’t wait to share Friday’s big news with you guys.

Well, those are all the scattered thoughts I’ve got in my brain right now, and my cats are all trying to sit on my lap/computer at once. Sean doesn’t believe me, but after he leaves for work, they “cat pile” me on the couch while I write. I have a terrible quality picture (since it’s so dark in here) to prove it:

Lap Cat

Happy Wednesday!


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