Some Couponing Questions from a Novice

Does anyone here successfully use coupons? Just wondering because I can’t seem to use coupons to save money. Here’s how it works: I get those little coupon magazines in the mail, but when I go through it, it’s rare that we normally buy any of the items that have coupons available. This means that by using coupons, I’m generally buying things I normally don’t, and therefore spending extra money.

My mom always taught me that it’s pretty much cheaper (and the same product, mostly) to buy store brands than it is to coupon with name brands, especially when the coupons say things like “Buy two, save $0.50!” Is that really a savings? So, it seems couponing (when grocery shopping normally and not like I’m buying for a family the size of the Duggar’s), isn’t really worth it in the long run if I just buy off-brands or store brands regularly, which are cheaper.



I see all these couponing strategees on Pinterest all the time, but they aren’t viable for a two-person, three-cat household. I don’t need 20 pounds of potatoes, nor can we eat them fast enough. Does anyone have a couponing strategy that works to save money on groceries for a small household? Or do you just hunt out bargains at your designated grocery store and buy mostly those sale items?

Also, I get to share by super big awesome news with you tomorrow. I’m pretty sure 99.3% of you already know what it is, but I’m sworn to secrecy until tomorrow. It’s killing me, so I hope Thursday flies by.

It’s almost Friday!




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