And, Moved In

Oh. My. Gosh. I need a weekend to recover from my weekend. Let’s start from the beginning, and I’ll intersperse this post with new house pics.

Thursday night, we met Sean’s dad at our new house to bring up a load of boxes and unload from his truck the things he brought down to us from Tennessee. Friday, I went to work, and Sean and his dad spent ALL DAY moving everything from our apartment to the new place. We still had some boxes and cleaning supplies left, but traffic was terrible. So, we went to Olive Garden for a dinner that would take enough time for traffic to die down. After some salad and pasta (and a fancy blackberry blood orange drink for me), we went back to the apartment to stuff what we could in Sean’s dad’s truck, Sean’s sedan, and my hatchback.

New house

Crooked house really helps you work on balance. Good for the core.

How did we accumulate so much stuff?

Friday night, we stayed up as long as we could arranging small things (till 11, and I’m surprised Sean made it that long since he and his dad worked their butts off all day). Friday night was rough since the cats weren’t adjusted (and still sort of aren’t). Mitten Head perched on the bed and growled. All. Night. Long. I could never have kids because a solid night of sleep is crucial to me being a nice and functioning person the following days.

Saturday was an early rise. I headed out to play a game of soccer (hey, I paid for the season, don’t want to waste my own money!), and then to the apartment to get the last little bits of things and finish cleaning up before the final inspection. Meanwhile, Sean took on the gargantuan mission of putting EVERYTHING away out of the boxes and being here while our washer & dryer were delivered and installed and while the AT&T guy came to set everything up. AT&T wasn’t our first choice. It’s just all that’s available in the new neighborhood. Unless we want to pay out the wazoo for a dish. No, thanks.


We keep forgetting to check this thing.

I waited an hour and a half for someone to come check me out of the old apartment. An hour into the wait, I called to see if they’d forgotten about me. They had just been busy. I realize that incoming renters are more important than those who are leaving, but I think that wait was a little ridiculous, especially since I had food in a cooler bag sitting in my car for that long. I could have made a trip to the new house, dropped off the final load of stuff, and come back in that amount of time.

Saturday we went to Lowe’s to get things like 3M hooks and shower curtain rods, and then we went MEGA grocery shopping. I spent about $50 more than I should have, but I also bought a cheese grater and an air filter (since that needed replacing in the new place). I’m pretty excited about our haul. Recipes for this week include chickenless tortilla soup, open-faced enchiladas, and French onion soup grilled cheese. For lunches, I made a really yummy white bean dip (like hummus, but Sean will eat this).

Messy Kitchen

Pardon the messes. Still straightening things out.

Sunday we tried to sleep in, but, alas, the cats had other plans. And by the cats, I mean Pudge. And by other plans, I mean he just wanted to punch us in the faces until we fed him. We got up and had an awesome breakfast: scrambled eggs, half a bagel (each), bananas, clementines, and grapes. Hello, goodness. After that, it was a mission to get rid of all the boxes and put things where we think they belong (for now, until we realize that where we put them makes no sense for real life). We organized the pantry and put things in closets and vacuumed and all that jazz.

There are still SO many project we want to complete, but those will have to come with time… and money. Dontcha hate that? We went back to Lowe’s Sunday afternoon to return a messed up hook we bought and get keys made. I even got a makeshift front door rug at Wal-Mart for $2 until I want to spend $50 on a fancy one.

View Into Living Room

The view from the stairs to the living area.

I really like the new house. I like the windows and the space. The best parts? More space in the kitchen, doing laundry in my own place (we’ve already done about 6 loads of laundry, probably; hello, water bill!), hot water lasting throughout a whole shower, being able to talk or walk around as loudly as I want, and, of course, sharing this experience with Sean (had to include something sappy in here).

REMINDER: It’s the first day of April! Don’t forget the Plank Challenge. Here are a few plank variations. Make sure your body’s in a straight line and that you’re not dipping your back or sticking your butt too far in the air.

Core abdominal exercise


Plank variation


Knee Drop Plank


Then, hold that baby for 30 seconds.

30 Plank Challenge April Abs


2 thoughts on “And, Moved In

    1. Ha ha. Her formal name is Lyra, but we really only use that at the vet so they don’t think we’re bad people. For all intents and purposes, she’s Mitten Head.

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