Resolution Recap–How’d March Fare?

Yup, this is how I’m keeping up with my New Year’s Resolutions! How are you doing on yours?

I’ll keep this short since you probably get the drift by now:

1. Run 520 miles (10 miles a week):

Running Route

I have upped my mileage now that the weather’s nicer, but I’m afraid my deficit from the beginning of the year will doom this resolution.

2. Write a novel.

Maybe this one just isn’t bound to happen. I’ve made this resolution in different forms for the past 2 years and failed both times.

3. Read a new book every month.

Blackberry Winter

I tried to read 2 books (one about Scientology, the other a novel) and failed finishing at both. Maybe I should just focus on 1 good one instead of trying to read everything at once!

4. Save $2000+ (for emergency fund).

I’m so close to this. I’m pretty sure I’ll have it done by June.

5. Stop biting my nails.

I tried really hard at this one for about 2 weeks. I bought a nasty-tasting nail polish and was going to focus on one nail at a time so I’m not overwhelmed by the cold turkey quitting of my nervous compulsion. But then I watched Game of Thrones and bit right through the nasty tasting nail polish.

Game of Thrones Kahl Drogo


6. Get a tattoo.

Still no ink.

7. Buy no new clothes in 2013.

So far, so good. Rocking the old duds with pride.

8. Eat out only once a month.

Not done too well with this in March. Moving to a new house put a dent in the eating out when we were very low on groceries, but didn’t want to have to haul a new load of food from the old apartment to the new house. Or when I was cleaning out the apartment and needed food to not pass out. Oh well, April’s a new month.


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Also, don’t forget your 30 second plank today!

Come back tomorrow for the chickenless tortilla soup recipe!

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