My First Week at CrossFit

Before we moved, I found a Groupon for the Crossfit facility near our new house. I’ve been researching CrossFit on and off for about a year. I was like that creepy high school nerd who did everything but walk up to someone and ask them out. I looked up all the lingo. I asked family and friends about their experiences with it. I watched videos about it online. I went to a CrossFit box for a tour near my apartment. I even tried to do some of the workouts at home.

When I saw the Groupon and saw that the location was probably 2 miles from our new place, I couldn’t snatch up that deal fast enough. Ever since I started training for my triathlon (LAST YEAR!), I haven’t really  lifted weights. I used to do it religiously, but swimming, running, biking, kickboxing, boxing, and soccer were overload enough on my body. There just wasn’t enough energy or time for lifting. I was in the best shape of my life, though, and I felt really strong and confident in my body. I know it was all about the swimming. That is one GOOD exercise.

Triathlon Swim Portion

After my triathlons in April and May, I felt sort of lost. I tried to keep swimming, but had no motivation since I had no goal. After not lifting weights for a while, I found it hard to get back into it. I almost didn’t want to. I was training for a marathon in October, so running took over my life. Fast forward the latter part of the year was busy with family visits, holidays, and illness, so my whole fitness routine sort of halted.

I started to feel bad about myself. I wasn’t as strong. I wasn’t as fast. I wasn’t as fit. It just wasn’t working out for me.

The Monday after we moved, I took my CrossFit beginners training. The instructor, Laura, was so nice and so encouraging right off the bat. Our little team of beginners already felt like a “team.” We encouraged each other through our first workout (WOD = workout of the day), and tested how much we could lift. We also observed the non-newbies in their workout, and it was awesome to see everyone stop and cheer on someone who was trying something new or about to reach a new personal record (PR). Even though it’s an individual “sport,” it was a team environment.

CrossFit WOD Wednesday

When I went in for my first workout on Wednesday morning at 5am, I found the coach. His name is Tim, and, like Laura, he was easy-going, encouraging, and full of information. He explained things to me clearly and nicely encouraged me to see how hard I could push myself. The first day I was there, we worked on overhead squats. In these, you have a weighted bar extended over your head while you squat as low as you can. I slowly added weight until I felt comfortable, and when I could obviously do them easily, he said, “Let’s add 1o more.”

So, I was at a measly 30 pounds (I say measly because some people were in the 100lb range!), and could get the bar over my head, but could not squat without feeling like I was going to drop the bar. And it was ok. No one was yelling at me, no one was pressuring me in a bad way.

Friday, there were a lot more people in the class, and the coach had the same approach. I didn’t feel like he was hovering, but he was there to correct my form and posture.

In short (since this post is getting lengthy), I love it. I can’t wait to see what CrossFit does for my body and my confidence. I already feel strong and more confident after just a week!

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