Some Philosophical Jibberish

I’m a little stunned by what’s happening in Boston and Texas and in America in general today. I feel slightly ashamed for being so naive about what happens in other parts of the world every. day. As I search my Twitter feed for news on what’s going on in the search for the Boston Marathon bombers and what’s happening in West, Texas after a fertilizer plant explosion, I see sprinklings of news of suicide bombers killing 11 in a cafe in Baghdad or an earthquake in Iran.

It’s shameful and, yet, unavoidable to live in our own little worlds, our own little realities. I want to be better at knowing what’s going on in the world and trying to make a difference about it. Sometimes I just feel too small. One person can’t help. One person can’t make major change.

This post is really directionless and kind of blabbery, but I just feel so let down by the world. There are so many good people in it, but bad things are constantly happening. Is it a result of human society? Bad things would happen even if humans didn’t exist on earth, but then there’d be no context for “bad.”

I guess all this pointless jibbering is to say that we have to make certain to love on those around us, to emanate love and caring and joy when we can. Life’s too short and death is too unexpected to be mean and hateful.

Go out of your way to love someone today and this weekend. And be safe.


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