May HIIT & Plank Challenge

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is all the rage nowadays in fitnessland, right? Research is showing us that instead of running or working out in a steady state of cardio, pushing your heart rate up and down and up and down has shown to be a better form of training, getting us fitter–faster.

There are different types or methods of HIIT training, but they all follow a similar sort of pattern after a warm up:

  • Tabata–20 seconds all out, 10 seconds active recovery for 4 minutes (8 total cycles)
  • Timmons–2 minutes of medium intensity, 20 seconds all out (3 rounds)
  • Gibala–60 seconds all out, 75 seconds active recovery (8 to 12 rounds)

The idea is that you’re varying your intensity and heart rate to train your body to work more efficiently. You wouldn’t train for a marathon by running a completely flat loop around a track a million times, right? You’d run some hills, some flat, some downhills, etc. This is the same idea, except with how hard you work.

So, I’ve created a HIIT workout regime for May for you. As always, scale to your fitness level/injuries/needs. Always ask your doctor before starting a new fitness program, and please see my disclaimer in the sidebar of the site!

May HIIT Challenge Free Cardio Workout

I also had a few people request a May Plank Challenge since they hadn’t quite made it to 2 minutes yet in April. The May Plank Challenge just translates the same April times to May dates:

May Plank Challenge

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