Maybe She’s Born with It: My Beauty Routine

Anyone who knows me well, will read this entry title and laugh hysterically for about 10 minutes straight. I don’t do beauty. Even when I was in middle school and high school, I was more concerned with my homework than my face. Aside from bouts of acne as a teen, I don’t really remember caring much about makeup. I remember my mom nicely suggesting that I “put on a few swipes of mascara” when we’d go to people’s weddings or to church, and I remember acting like it was a hassle or just flat out lying and saying I’d done it already.

But now that I am an adult and have a real life job, I can’t just walk around like I live on a beach. I hate the beach, anyway, so I’d be miserable doing that. I also recently received my first Birchbox. It’s a $10 a month subscription box that sends you trial sizes of beauty products based on a profile you complete. I got a lot of great things, and some weird things, but it inspired me to write about what I use every day.


I don’t generally do much with my hair. Since I’ve been CrossFitting in the mornings, I’ve been showering before work instead before bed. I use L’Oreal EverStrong Hydrating shampoo and conditioner. I love the smell of these. The shampoo has rosemary and juniper, while the conditioner smells like rosemary and mint.

L'Oreal EverStrong Hydrating shampoo and conditioner


I have straight thin hair, but I have a lot of it. When I let it dry on its own, it dries in big waves, but I usually wear it in a ponytail or straight. Either way, the shampoo makes my hair feel strong and hydrated–not dry and coarse. These are really affordable, too– around $7 a bottle (and that’s a high estimate), so $14ish for the pair depending on where you shop.

When I shower in the mornings, I have to blow dry my hair before work, and it has the tendency to get MEGA frizzy. To calm it down from lion head to … non-fro, I use 1 pump of Paul Mitchell’s Super Skinny Serum.

paul mitchell smoothing Super Skinny Serum


I rub it in my palms, flip my head over, and scrunch it into the ends of my hair working my way up. I’ve never actually purchased this product. I get free samples in the trial size from my mom since she works at a salon. I’m assuming actually buying it isn’t cheap, though.

My blow dryer was a gift from my mom. I like it because it has an ION option, which helps tame the frizz. Or it’s a placebo effect, and I just think my hair’s less frizzy after I use it. Who knows? It’s a Helix by Hot Tools blow dryer. I just looked it up online, and holy ish, it’s expensive. Thanks, mom.

helix by hot tools ionic blow dryer


I have a flat iron and a big-barreled curling iron, but I only whip those puppies out for special occasions. I used to flat iron my hair if I took a shower the night before, let it dry while I slept, and wanted to wear it down the next day.


I’ve been using the same face wash since I was in middle school. If it ain’t broke… But really it’s because I had acne back in the day, and I’m afraid if I stop using what I’ve always used, it will come back with a vengeance. Because that makes total sense. Anyway, I’ve been using the Proactiv trio of face wash, toner, and lotion paired with Neutrogena oil free moisturizer with sunscreen.

proactive face wash toner lotion renewing cleanser revitalizing toner repairing treatment


neutrogena oil free moisturizer with spf 15


While looking for a photo, I discovered Neutrogena makes the same lotion in SPF 35. I’m going to have to check that out!

After putting a million products on my face (cleanser, toner, lotion 1, lotion 2), I use Proactiv’s Daily Oil Control gel. It’s a watery gel, and I use it mostly on my nose and forehead. I try to avoid using it around my eyes since the skin there is super delicate and (for me) really sensitive.


I keep it simple when it comes to makeup. I only use a powder foundation, mascara, and a simple eyeshadow (essentially a sparkly skin-tone). For foundation, I brush on a light coat of Neutrogena’s Skin Clearing Mineral Powder in Natural Ivory with a kabuki brush I got at CVS (also you can wash out your brushes with unscented hand soap to clean them).

Neutrogena SkinClearing Mineral Powder


I brush on a coat of Maybelline Lash Stiletto waterproof mascara.

maybelline lash stiletto waterproof mascara


And then swipe a tiny bit of shimmery eyeshadow on.


I’ve been using Dove bar soap for as long as I can remember. I really like their shea butter “purely pampering” bar. But I have a 12-pack to go through until I can buy it again. Hate that. It smells luxurious and Dove never leaves my skin feeling stripped and tight like other soaps do.



I’m not really big on lotions and all that jazz. When my skin starts to get dry, I really like Eucerin lotions. I have a small bottle of Eucerin PLUS Intensive Repair lotion for when the area around my eyes gets dry and sting-y. I just dap a small amount on my pinky or ring finger and gently rub around my eyelid and undereye. Eucerin’s Daily Replenishing lotion is great for after you shave your legs, too.

eucerin daily moisturizer


Sean got me two types of perfume en masse a few Christmasses ago, so I alternate between Bath & Body Works’ Twilight Woods and Sensual Amber fragrances. If he hadn’t bought these for me, I wouldn’t wear perfume.

Sensual Amber Perfume by Bath and Body Works

A beautiful scent came in my first Birchbox: Joie Folle de Joie eau de parfum. However, it’s $98 for a > 4oz bottle, so I probably won’t be purchasing the full size. Maybe I’ll save my trial for special occasions.

What are your go-to beauty products? Do you have a lot? Now that I write them all down, it seems like I use a lot.

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