Weekend with Mom

It’s been a rainy weekend here in the GA. My mom came down for a visit, and so far, we’ve been hanging out, eating soup, and watching movies. But let’s start from Friday. After a good day at work, Sean and I took Telsa to the vet to have his teeth checked. Fortunately, the vet didn’t think he was headed for stomatitis like the toothless Mitten was. His gums are red, but he said the teeth and mouth are in really good shape. He recommended we watch his behavior for changes in eating and attitude and make sure to check his teeth just once a week to see if they’re getting worse.

Rowdy Kitties

There’s nothing like the vet telling you your cat’s not headed for a $2000 surgery. To celebrate, but actually because I was too hungry to make dinner, we went to a nearby Mexican food restaurant. It was not the best I’ve ever had, but the chips and salsa were all I really wanted. After dinner, we went to get groceries and prep the house for my mom coming to town.

On Saturday, Sean and I sat at the DMV for 3 hours. 3 HOURS! I will not be leaving them a good review. They messed up the queue system, and they didn’t realize until some guy went crazy and had to be kicked out.

Hulk Smash

I raced home to get ready and head out to soccer. I scarfed down a bagel topped with peanut butter on the way and managed to get peanut butter all over my purse. I haven’t washed it off yet, but I’m pretty sure people at stores think I have dog crap all over my purse. We lost the first game by 1 point in the last 30 seconds (doesn’t that just suck?!) and won the second game by 1.

I called my mom and told her soccer was over, and she headed this way from our friends’ house in Lawrenceville. She got here and Sean made an awesome dinner of pizza and broccoli slaw. Half good for you, half sinful, all the way yummy.We watched episodes of the show The IT Crowd. I was surprised that my mom liked it as much as she did. But, let’s face it, good comedy is funny whether you like dry humor or not.

The IT Crowd


Sunday morning we were lazy. Mom and I went to McDonald’s around 7:30 to get her some coffee. Sean, ever the good host, made breakfast, and then mom and I headed out to Pike Nurseries to look at the plants and garden goodies. We stopped by the store to get stuff to make minestrone and grilled cheese. My mom suggested using muenster and white American cheese–delicious. The Sunday soccer game was canceled because of rain, so we took a nap and watched Superhero Sunday movies all evening.

I can’t believe the weekend is ALREADY over! Can you? I hope your weekend was great. I gotta say, I’m already ready for the next one! Happy Monday!

2 thoughts on “Weekend with Mom

  1. Sounds pretty normal to me. You’re fortunate to have a family that enjoys being together and that are all relatively healthy for their time in life. Keep the exercise and healthy food routines. Blessings

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