Birthday According to Instagram

Iced mocha — yum and yum

Iced Mocha from Starbucks

My white board at work!

My whiteboard at work

Birthday confetti

Birthday confetti

Ice cream cake!

Ice cream cake from Coldstone Creamery

Birthday banner

BIrthday banner

Best birthday gift!

Pitch Perfect Movie

Sean surprised me with an iced mocha as soon as I got back from CrossFit yesterday. He got it just how I like it–without whipped cream. Yummy! I had a delicious breakfast, answered a bunch of birthday text messages, and was surprised with a birthday message on my whiteboard when I arrived at work in the morning. My work friends are the best.

My day went pretty well. I think it was birthday magic. I went to get my tags renewed (since it was the last day of the month!!!), and I didn’t get lost, the line was short, the lady was nice, I had all the right documents AND! they signed me up for a program that took my renewal fee from $300 to $55! It was like a $250 birthday gift! That made my day!

The weather was lovely and I headed home around 5. When I got there, Sean made me come in though the front door (instead of the garage), and then we headed out to my favorite Thai food restaurant. Dinner was delicious, and I made sure not to fill myself with too much food just in case there was dessert.

When we got back home, I had to close my eyes, and Sean led me into the kitchen where there was a Happy Birthday banner and ice cream cake (my favorite!). He said, “Happy Birthday!” and popped a mini confetti cannon. So fun! We watched this past Sunday’s episode of Mad Men and started a huge old load of laundry.

Sometimes the small things are the best.

Thanks for all the happy birthday wishes yesterday!



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