I Wanna Race

It’s been a while since I had a race to look forward to. In fact, the last race I ran was my marathon in October, so I’m itching to have a running goal. A couple of my friends from work want me to sign up for a trail race with them. I went on one trail run a few weeks ago, and I held up pretty well. I was surprised at how easy it felt (not super easy, but not like I was dying) and how un-sore I was afterward.

Thumbs Up to Running

I’ve also been running a few miles every Wednesday with one of my coworkers during our lunch break, and those feel harder to me (maybe because it’s midday?). But I’m really itching to run a race, and train for a race, and write about racing. I also want to do a race somewhere that’s not Atlanta or my current vicinity.

I was researching some races that aren’t TOO too far away, but nothing’s really catching my eye. My friend Chelsea invited me to a marathon out in California, but I’m not sure I could afford to go all the way out there. Another friend, Sara, is contemplating running the St. Jude Marathon in December, and I really want to run it too!

Heisman Kid

Maybe I’ll run while holding a kid Heisman-style?

I completed my last marathon (my first marathon) in 4:24. Not too bad for the first time, but I could definitely improve on that (AND BQ! ok, maybe not BQ).

Any marathon runners out there know of anything good in the southeast region for the fall/winter months?

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