One Wet Weekend

This weekend was one of the best in a long time. Part of the reason, I think, was because soccer was canceled because of the super rain we were having, and we just didn’t have any real plans other than that. We went grocery shopping on Friday evening and stayed up watching the last episode of season 2 of Game of Thrones. I know I should really read the books, but I just can’t stand Martin’s writing style. I feel like it was written by a hormonal teenage boy living out fantasies via book. But, hey, he’s made bank off his horny fantasies.

Saturday we cleaned the house (thrilling, I know). Sean went to renew his license plate for our new address, and I went to CrossFit to try a weekend class. It was actually pretty fun since there were so many people there. It was bring a friend day, so I was kind of a lonely sore thumb, but I still kicked butt on the Quatro de Mayo workout:

May the Fourth be with you

It took me 8:05 with 55# cleans and 15# overhead squats. After some slow attempts at doubleunders, I turned them into 132 singles, which made it go by faster. The cleans felt easy, so I can probably do more weight. That makes me feel like a BAMF because 55# is my clean PR. The EMOM means every minute on the minute you stop whatever you’re doing and do 4 jumping jacks. I was ready for a nap after that one.

I got home, ate something, took a shower, and then headed to Wal-Mart. I hate Wal-Mart, but we needed a shoe rack for the front door since we looked like weird shoe hoarders. We found a wooden, extendable one for $20. It (sadly) took us 15 minutes or so to assemble it because who needs directions?!

I took a nap after that, and we made a pizza dough to prep for dinner. We spent the night playing Scrabble (I lost by 1 measly point!!!!), and watching Game of Thrones season 3!


Sunday was rainy, too, so we were lazy all morning. After breakfast and some straightening up, we headed to the movies to see Iron Man 3. It was all the action we’ve come to expect from superhero movies. As usual, we sneaked in our own popcorn, cookies, and water. The whole excursion only cost $14. If you’re on a budget and still want to go to the movies, that’s how you do it. See a matinee and sneak in your own food.

I’ve been wanting to get a library card for a while now. Since I finally have a driver’s license, we stopped by the local library (after getting lost a few times–yes, I was driving), and I got a library card. I wasn’t too impressed with the selection there, but at least I can check out books (up to 30!!!).

Window Cats

The cats were glad we were home all weekend.

There was a break in the rain Sunday afternoon, so we went for a walk around our neighborhood and the ‘hood across the street. Always cool to look at and compare people’s homes, design styles, gardening, etc. That night we ate leftovers and watched another Game of Thrones (see a pattern here?). Overall, it was a great weekend to be lazy and relax.

How was your weekend? Did it rain the whole time where you are?

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