Resolution Recap from April

Sorry the blog’s been wonky recently. My scheduled posts don’t seem to be going out. Maybe something with WordPress? Maybe user error. (Most likely the latter!)

Alright, we’re still at the beginning of May, so there’s still time to recap how New Year’s resolutions are going. Find other recaps here. Alrighty, let’s dive right in.

1. Run 10 miles a week.

I’m still below what I should be for this one, and I kind of quit keeping track. I only wear my GPS watch every so often. Also, I’ve been running a lot more with other people from work, so I like to focus on the conversation instead of checking my watch for pace every 10 minutes. Ya know? It’s been kinda nice. Overall, I’d say I’m averaging less than 10 miles a week if we don’t count weekend soccer games.

Soccer Cleats

2. Write a novel.

Another failed resolution. I’ve pretty much given up on this one. I feel like a lot of my writing happens here (and at work), and my brain is too fried and not willing to cooperate when it comes to writing after all that. Surprisingly, I’ve discovered that Sean is a really good source of ideas. He has a great imagination for stories. I wish I had that AND the will to write right now. Alas, I don’t. We’ll see how this one turns out by the end of the year, but I have a feeling my motivation in this area will continue to wane.

3. Read a new book every month.

I was on track with this one until that dumb Blackberry Winter book. It was really not my type of read at all, but I’d paid for it. So, I slowly trudged through it. I want to get back on track with reading. I’m watching Game of Thrones (obviously since I mention it at least once a week here), so maybe that could count for 1/8 of a book. No? I agree. I just need to commit to another novel.

Blackberry Winter

I’m warning you now. Don’t read this.

4. Save $2000+ for emergency fund.

Done and done. And I’m pretty proud of myself for it. Carolyn, the spendaholic, saved a goal amount in less than half a year. Boom! Now I’m going to work to get to $3000 by the end of the year.

5. Stop biting my nails.

Not happening yet. I know it’s gross. I know there are germs. Nothing you say can stop the compulsion. Maybe I’ll re-commit to the nasty nail polish and just work through Game of Thrones nervousness.

Pitch Perfect Movie

I’m only posting this so you can check out my alien thumb.

6. Get a tattoo.

I’m starting to do serious research on this now. I’m actually looking into tattoo places nearby, their reviews, cleanliness ratings, etc. I’m also, of course, spending a ton of time researching tattoo designs. I’m really leaning toward getting a fox somewhere on my arms. Everyone I talk to about it thinks I should get a cat instead.

7. Buy no new clothes in 2013.

This is getting harder now that it’s summer. I almost  bought some new workout pants last night, but I couldn’t find any that don’t get sheer when you squat/bend over. Any recommendations? Other than last night’s moment of ALMOST weakness, I’ve not even thought about buying new clothes. Minus the running clothes I really want.

Thumbs Up Race Finish

Maybe I’ll just wear my tri suit for every run from now on?

8. Eat out only once a month.

I can’t remember paying for an out-to-eat meal in April. A lot of people took me out for my birthday (super nice!), but I’m still in the “bring your lunch to a restaurant” mode. I don’t care who thinks I’m rude!

So there we are! I’m only really excelling in money-related resolutions this year. Not like me at all!

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