Weekend Recap: CrossFit, Cooking, and Cats

So much has happened since Thursday. Let’s rewind and start there. (If you couldn’t tell from the title, this is going to be a long one, so settle in.)

My Thursday afternoon run with work friends went from 10 miles to 6.5 miles. And I’m so glad. It was messy. The last time I ran that poorly, I was sick the next day. Nothing felt right. My legs were sore, my knees started hurting 4 miles in, my stomach felt bad. I kept saying to my running buddies that I either needed to eat something or throw up (since hunger often feels like sickness to me). I stopped to walk way too many times. When I got home, Sean had made my favorite dinner, too–breakfast. But I still felt too sick to eat it, sad face. I had 1 cinnamon pancake and 2 eggs and went to get ready for bed.

Bad Run

I was up bright and early (read: 4:45) Friday for CrossFit. We did a team WOD. Together we had to row 4000m. While the rower was doing his/her thing, the other people on the team had to hold a plank. I was matched with a younger married couple. The husband was a great rower, but he wasn’t too great at holding the plank. As a result, he did a majority of the rowing, and his wife and I held the plank. I only got to row about 800m, and I held a plank for about 15 minutes. My stomach is still sore as of Sunday night. Oh so sore.

CrossFit Rowing WOD with Plank

After work on Friday, Sean and I went to Panera to celebrate his 25th birthday. It wasn’t until Saturday, technically, but we both didn’t feel like making dinner that night. I got the tomato soup and a salad. I hadn’t had a real salad in a while, so I chowed down. We went to get some groceries afterward, and then came home to watch an episode of Game of Thrones and eat Sean’s birthday key lime pie.

We tried to sleep in Saturday, but the cats weren’t having any of it. So we made breakfast and cleaned the house. Poor Sean had to clean on his birthday. I guess that’s what happens when your birthday’s on a Saturday. I went to CrossFit at around 10 and had my butt handed to me. The warm up was a musical chair version of bear crawls. Once you got out, you had to do burpees. It was a lose-lose. Ha ha! The WOD was also ridiculous:

Buy In:

400m sandbag run (I did it with a 20# vest since all the sandbags were taken by Rx-ers)



  • Kettle bell swing (I used .5pd)
  • 20″ box step-ups

Cash Out

50 sit ups

It took me 16:50, and I was exhausted by the end. Pretty sure I would have injured myself if I tried the Rx weight. Everything felt fine until I got to 10, and then I realized it would be no walk in the park heading back down to 1.

I shared a box with a guy since there were so many people, and I’m sure he was freaked out by all my grunting and exasperated yelling. There was a 20-minute time cap, and my box partner didn’t finish the kb swings/step ups in time. The coach said, “If you’re in sit ups, keep going. If you’re still in swings/step ups, time’s up.” My box partner sat down defeated, so I asked what round he was on. He said 5, so I tried to encourage him to just pull through and do the sit ups.

The Garage--A CrossFit Gym

I’m the one in all black in the front, just left of the center. No, not the shirtless skinny one…

Afterward, I came home, showered, ate lunch, and took a nap. We went to Home Depot (for kayak stuff), Target (to get Sean a new lunch box for his birthday), and Trader Joe’s (to pick up things we forgot the day before). We’ve been searching for a kayak rack solution in the garage that’s not too expensive but won’t damage the walls or the kayaks. Sean found this awesome DIY solution online using these $6 L-brackets that support 50# each. Easy squeazy! And now Sean can park in the garage. Homemade pizza (with homemade dough even!) was the Saturday dinner of choice.

Sunday started pretty lazily. It was one of those mornings where we made breakfast, sat around, and then went back to bed. After a morning nap, Sean and I headed to Wal-Mart to check out their selection of hose carts. It was pretty slim, so we headed home. I was feeling queasy from who knows what, so I had a piece of leftover pizza for lunch and called it quits. I sauteed up some green and red peppers with some red onion for fajita lunches throughout the week, and drained, pressed, marinated, and baked some barbecue tofu for dinner. People of earth, if you’re ever worried that people won’t like some food you made–just smother it in barbecue sauce.

While the tofu was marinating, we went to Lowe’s to get a flag for our front porch. I was proud to buy one made in the USA, until I opened the box and discovered that only the flag was made in the USA. The pole, assembly, and holder were all made in China… Seriously?!

American Flag and Wind Chimes

Sean found a recipe for homemade peanut butter cups, so we made a deliciously sugary batch of those. OMG they’re good. Then he helped me put up my wind chimes and the flag. After all that we made dinner while we played Scrabble–BBQ tofu sandwiches, homemade potato salad, and sauteed garlic green beans. Also, I won.

Scrabble Cat

Dinner was huge, so we took a walk around the neighborhood to help make room for dessert. 🙂 We ate birthday key lime pie and ice cream while watching the last remaining episode of Game of Thrones. We’ll have to wait until Monday night to watch the next one (or watch the latest episode of Mad Men)!

How was your weekend? What at-home projects or relaxing projects did you accomplish? I felt like mine was a good combination of being lazy and getting stuff done. Those are the best weekends!

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