Beach Vacation and Cast Off!

Hey! Long time, no see. Sean and I took a break from real life (sort of), and headed to the beach last week with his family. We spent a week in Garden City, SC, a little beach just south of Myrtle Beach. I like it a lot there. We visited Sean’s parents for a weekend a few years ago when they were there, and it was nice to go back and stay for an extended period.

Garden City Beach, South Carolina

It was a lot less fun than it could have been since I’m still in a cast, but we tried to make the best of it. I hate the feeling of constantly being in the way, and that’s definitely how I felt crutching around. But, I did get to go out on the beach and sink my toes in the sand. The house we stayed in was right on the coast, so it made getting out there a lot easier!

Broken Leg on the Beach

Check out the bag over my broken leg.

The weather didn’t cooperate the whole time, so Sean and I ventured out to shop around, took naps, and played games with the family. We made a stop at the Tervis Tumbler store and I got myself a new water bottle, because you can never have too many water bottles. We also went through an ENORMOUS candy store. I made a point to try a little bit of everything. Sour gummies are the bomb.

The rain was a bit of a damper on beach time, but afterward it meant the sand was hard enough for me to crutch out and stick one set of toes in the ocean for approximately 5 seconds and then smile the cheesiest smile ever because Sean never gives me a warning when he’s going to take the picture. Men.

Crutching on the Beach with a Broken Leg

We decided to leave Friday afternoon since the weather had been gloomy all day. As soon as we got in the car, the clouds went away and it was sunny and nice. Classic. We made it home around 10:30pm and crashed for the night. I was too tired to head to CrossFit on Saturday. That’s generally not characteristic of me, but I could barely crutch around the house without falling all over myself. I didn’t want to injure myself even more with a tired, clumsy mistake at the gym.

We ended up taking about a 4-hour nap Saturday morning/afternoon, and then had the most delicious lunch ever–PB&J sandwiches, apple sauce, and broccoli slaw. Hello, childhood.

It’s going to be hard getting back into the groove of work this week, but I have something to look forward to…

Wednesday morning is CAST OFF! I’m so excited at the prospect of standing on two legs, walking up the stairs, and doing things for myself. It will be glorious!

Broken Leg Crutches

Happy Monday!

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