Starting Over

In case you weren’t aware, I get my cast off tomorrow. (I know, I’ve only broadcast it on every medium available to me… Sorry!) I’m super excited, and have already made a list of things in my head that I can’t wait to do like running, playing soccer again, and CrossFitting, but also normal things like walking up the stairs without breaking a sweat and going to the bathroom in the middle of the night without clumsily falling over my crutches.

With a Boot

It’s been almost a month since the soccer game that broke my leg and tore some of my ankle ligaments. While I’m really excited to be able to take care of myself now, there are elements of getting the cast off that, I’ll admit, I’m not looking forward to.

Even though I’ve managed to stay pretty active (after being cleared for exercise a week and a half after the incident), I’m not looking for to the “starting over” that will come with recovering from a broken leg. I haven’t run (obviously) since the night it happened. I haven’t done any weight-bearing exercise on both legs at the same time (though my right leg should be mega-strong on it’s own now). 

Working Out with Injuries

I’m really not looking forward to the “moving backward” feeling that I’m sure will come from this injury. When you’re working toward a goal and making progress, it’s easy to want to continue in your training and working out–because you can see that you’re hard work is worth something. When something stops your progress or makes you go backward, it’s hard to keep up the motivation. And I always fall in the emotional trap of, “I’ve done this before! Why can’t I do it now?!” even when I’m just having an off day or a bad run. So, I’m trying to prepare myself mentally for what’s to come when I get this cast off.

To add to that, in the past few days, I’ve really started to notice the loss of muscle in my left leg (maybe it’s just in my head?). I know that’s not a big deal, and that I can work to gain it back. But if there’s one thing that ticks me off more than anything else, it’s wasted time. And I feel like all the progress I made in CrossFit, running, soccer, etc. before this injury is wasted time since I have to “start all over.”

Who knew I’d miss my thunder thighs?

Splint Fashion

So, I’m going to start a progress element to my blog (mostly for me), tracking how I build back up and exceed what I’d done before–even after a broken leg and torn ankle ligaments. I’ll start as soon as I get this puppy off! I know I won’t be able to go straight back to all that I did before, but I can work with what I am doing to prove to myself that I am making progress in getting stronger and faster and healthier.

Happy Tuesday!


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