Friday Things

Cast off blast off was postponed. Oh well. I went in to the ortho, and they took an x-ray. I contorted my body every which way–while in no pain. The orthopedist essentially said that I’m healing quickly, that he’s surprised at how little pain I’m in when twists my leg every direction, and then that I probably still need to stay in the cast for 3 more weeks.

I turned into a whiny 5-year old and said something about how I brought my boot and it’s just down in the car. He said that he thought the boot was too risky still and that there was a 50/50 chance. He didn’t say what it was a chance of, but I’m assuming he meant a 50% chance of making it worse or hurting the healing process.

With a Boot

I just wanna walk!

He decided we could “compromise” and keep the cast on for 2 more weeks with a cast shoe, then move to the boot. Mother clucker. That means I have 2 more weeks of a sweaty, hairy leg; 2 more weeks of crutching around in the middle of the night; 2 more weeks of taking twice as long to do nothing tasks; 2 more weeks of getting worn out by what used to be a regular day; etc.

You never know how much you take the little things for granted when you just can’t do them as well anymore!

I am really glad it’s finally Friday, though. This weekend should be pretty busy. We’ve got plans to clean and workout and visit friends and see the new Superman movie. I hope it doesn’t go by too quickly!

Have a fantastic Friday and a wonderful weekend.


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