One-Legged Karen

I spend a lot of time focusing on what I can’t do with this broken leg. It’s toxic, and I know it, but I fuel my own anger and frustration because I just don’t have my usual outlets in the form that I’m used to.

Is she really writing about this broken leg thing again? Geez, doesn’t she care about anything else any more? I don’t come here to read whining about injuries that don’t relate to me.

Yes, I’m still writing about my broken leg. I’m sorry. It’s all-consuming right now since I spend a lot of time sitting and thinking about it or struggling with it when I’m trying to do something and drop my crutches or fall over or hurt myself some other way. It’s also easy to fall in the trap since I’m not able to do just regular things as quickly or as easily as I have in the past.

But there are a lot of things that I can do and appreciate, and there is a bright side to the whole broken leg thing.

For example, last night I did Karen in CrossFit. That’s 150 wall balls.

Here’s what wall balls look like:

I did them seated with one leg–and I’m pretty sure it was WAY harder than being able to use two legs. It took me 14:38 to finish. I was the last one working, but I did it.

I was planning on stopping at 75, but I noticed a lot more people (uninjured) were still working. So I figured I’d just continue until I couldn’t or until everyone else was finished. I was at 121 by the time the last person finished, so the coach told me to just keep on going since I was so close to 150. It was not easy. I used a 12# ball, but my elbows are a little worse for the wear this morning.

During a normal “wall ball,” your squat as you catch it, which distributes the weight of the catch throughout your whole body. When you can’t squat down with the catch to distribute the blow, it makes the wall ball much more difficult (in my opinion).

My new “cast off” date is supposed to be June 26. I say “supposed” to be because we all know what happened last time. Hopefully, I’ll be running again by the fall, so I can participate in the annual “Run Like Hell” at the Oakland Cemetery. Maybe I’ll start crafting my costume early since I have all this time on my hands.



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