2 thoughts on “Money Tips for Twenty-Somethings

  1. I have created a spreadsheet in Google Docs that has allowed me to track both my checking account and my credit card, and I use the simple “SUM” equation to tell me how much money is reeeeally in my checking account. For example: Let’s say I have $1,000 sitting in my account, but I already spent $200 on my credit card. This means that, technically, I only have $800 now. Knowing my rent is, say, $600, that means I really only have $200 that I can actually spend until my next paycheck. Tracking and predicting my money – ALL of it – gives me a more realistic idea of what my finances are actually like, and I NEVER EVER carry a balance on my credit card (unless an emergency would force me to do so). \ Why anyone pays interest fees that doesn’t have to is beyond me… you’re just giving money away! I also use a credit card that doesn’t come with extra fees, so I’m not losing any money in my credit card activities. My spreadsheet system means that I never spend money I don’t have.

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