Adventures in Physical Therapy

Yesterday was my first adventure in physical therapy. As soon as I got my cast off on Wednesday, my orthopedist gave me a prescription for a month of physical therapy with visits 3 times a week. I liked the idea of physical therapy because it sort of felt like I was putting “healing in my own hands.” I know broken legs and torn ligaments are also healed by time, but physical therapy at least feels like I’m biding my time with positive things, right?

After completing MOUNDS of paperwork, my PT, Chad, checked out my range of motion–which was pretty much nothing in my left ankle. He asked me to move both feet down like I was pressing the gas in a car, then pull back up. He commented on how skinny/bony my right ankle is, and I was like, “Finally! Thank you!” Because my ankles have practically no flesh on them, my left one didn’t look swollen until it was the size of a baseball. Then people were like, “Oh, hey. That looks bad.” I’m sure the bruising added a dramatic effect after a while, too.

I struggled through the backward, forward, in, out, circles, and alphabet movements with my left foot. Then I got what can only be described as a painful ankle massage. My PT pressed on all the parts of my ankle to see where the ligaments were torn. Yeouch.

With a Boot

I have quite a few microtears and just a little macrotearing. I was assigned homework (backward, forward, in, out, circles, alphabet, & icing), and then got to be ultrasounded and zapped. After getting my ankle all jellied up and cry-gelled, the PT moved this tiny ultrasound wand around my ankle. Man, that cryo-gel was cold! After 7 minutes of that, we moved along to the electrical stimulation machine. The PT stuck little stickie pads to my ankle and foot and covered it with a big old ice pack.

He slowly turned up the intensity until I could feel the tingling in my ankle and in my toes. We were watching Wimbledon, but he let me change the channel to Frasier. Because I’m an old lady.

The whole thing lasted about an hour, and he gave me lots of stuff to try at home. I’m hoping I’m more along the 4-week healing curve as opposed to the 8-week healing curve we discussed!

Happy Friday! I got my 5am CrossFit on this morning, so I’m ready attack the day!

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