The Weekend of Sweets

Don’t you just love a relaxing (coughlazycough) weekend? Mine started off nicely with a mother-daughter lunch on Friday. My mom just moved to Georgia, and we went out to a tasty Thai place near my work. It was good to see my mom and hang out a little. Plus, Sean recently said he’s burned out on Thai, so I got to get one more taste in with someone else!

Shameless Selfie

There’s no point to this photo, other than I think I actually look decent for once.

I worked out early on Friday morning, so (after staying a little late at work to make up for PT time that week), I got to just come home instead of head to the gym. I’m absolutely totally completely ready to be able to workout without the stupid boot, but it is what it is. It seems this has been my mantra throughout the whole process, along with, “It happens to the best of us.” Anytime someone asks about how I broke it or how much longer and then says, “Aw, man. I’m sorry.” I always find myself saying, “It happens.” Or “It is what it is.” And shrugging my shoulders.

Fat Ankle

Left ankle still fat and sassy.

Saturday was pretty much an all you can eat sweets buffet for us. I had waffles for breakfast, followed by and iced coffee from Starbucks (yes, I have a problem). Sean got a vanilla bean Frappuccino. We went grocery shopping and cleaned the house. Since getting my cast off and being put in the boot, I felt like I could help out in the cleaning department since Sean’s been doing it all himself for the past 6 weeks. It took me about 2 hours to really scrub the master bathroom, and, by the time I had cleaned it all, I was sweating like I’d just gotten back from a run. Then I had Frosted Mini Wheats for lunch.

Cat Butt

I was trying to give Tesla a kiss and he put his butt in my face.

I saw a project on Pinterest that I wanted to try, and magically convinced Sean to come with me to Hobby Lobby. He hates doing stuff like this because I ALWAYS go in, browse, grab a bunch of things, and then decide I don’t want to pay that much for a DIY project, put it all back, and leave empty-handed. I didn’t disappoint this time.

In my defense, Hobby Lobby didn’t have the materials I needed, and to get similar but different stuff would have taken the project from $7 to $25. As a consolation prize, we split a cookies and cream milkshake (and we could NOT get all the boys out of our yard, sheesh). To finish off the day a while later, we had a very healthy, adult dinner of broccoli, vegetarian baked beans, and macaroni and cheese. I also made homemade strawberry and brown sugar poptarts. Not a great turnout. Not bad, just nothing worth blogging about.

We were pretty lazy on Sunday. Sean helped me try to hang up my Fourth of July decorations, but it just wasn’t happening. I put some unnecessary holes in the house and sweated a lot, but ended up just sticking with the little flags stuck into the yard. Maybe next year when my leg isn’t so broken I’ll be more patriotic. I thought about going to Old Time Pottery to re-try my DIY project, but Sean asked me if I was actually going to come home with anything, and, if not, maybe we shouldn’t waste the trip. He won and continued to play video games and make dinner (homemade pizza) while I took a nap.

Pudge Nap

Pudge also enjoyed some nap time.

I’m excited about Fourth of July this year. I was going to run the Woodstock Freedom Run, but… ya know. So, I think we’ll walk the Freedom Fest booths with my mom (if it doesn’t rain!). This week also starts my first full week of physical therapy. I’ve been really strict about my “homework” and icing this weekend, and, though it doesn’t look like my ankle is more mobile, it really feels like it. I even tried to put a little more weight on my foot and “walk” a few times.

Three cheers to three sessions of PT this week, and Thursday off to hang with my mom and probably sweat a lot more! Happy Monday!

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