Fourth Recap

I hope your Independence Day was wonderful. Ours was nice and relaxed because 1. there’s not a whole lot to do with crutches (beside sweat doing small things), and 2. it was rainy here in Woodstock pretty much all day. It definitely wasn’t as bad here as yesterday, but it was pretty steady. I’m sitting on the couch icing my ankle after going through my physical therapy exercises, so I thought I’d recap our 4th of July for you.

It started off pretty early for us when Sean’s alarm went off at 5:30. He forgot to turn his work alarm off the night before, so we just got up. After the regular breakfast of eggs and half a bagel, my cold brew coffee, and some grapes, we started laundry. My CrossFit box was hosting at 4th of July WOD, and I was out of workout clothes that work with a broken leg (read: soccer shorts).

Broken Leg Crutches

My usual weekend/day off attire.

We spent the morning debating what to do with the day and folding laundry. We decided to go see Despicable Me 2 after my workout and maybe go out for a holiday dinner.

Not all went according to plan.

The WOD was actually 2 workouts. I hate team workouts because I always feel bad for the team members who get stuck with me right now. I was in another awesome group (remember last time?). They were totally cool with the modifications that I had to make, and I even got to try kettle bell swings in the boot. I rushed out of the box after the workouts so we could hurry up and eat lunch & take showers before heading to see the movie.

However, after talking to Sean and my mom, I realized that it might be better to wait since everyone and their entire families were out to see Despicable Me 2 as a result of the rain. Instead, we took our time with lunch and took a nap. Nothing like a nap on a free (rainy) day off!

Despicable Me 2

We’ll probably go see it this weekend. Early.


After a nap we headed to the mall to get some of my face wash. It was a trek, and we were starving. So we stopped by Taco Mac for their black bean burger wrap… except they discontinued it and replaced with with a Greek hummus wrap. It had everything I do not like, so we left and walked (crutched) across the street to Panera. I got the summer corn chowder and a salad. I’d never had corn chowder before, but it was delicious. I recommend it. Yum!

On our way home we stopped and got another cookies and cream milkshake to split. I may be on a milkshake kick now.

One more day until the weekend! Happy Friday!

Are you a dessert person? If so, what’s your go-to treat?


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