Thursday Things

1. I skipped CrossFit this morning since I have a wicked case of DOMS and the workout was absolutely not friendly for 1-legged people. My coach, though awesome, would have had to make me an entirely new workout, and I didn’t want to be that pain in the ass. Also, DOMS. Yeouch.


2. I have been overindulging in sweets WAY too much this week. I have a problem. I think I might try a clean eating type of “cleanse” this weekend. I’m hesitant to use the word “cleanse” because I’m not going to drink just juice or do anything that involves sitting on the toilet for extended periods of time, but I want to get back to eating the way I normally do–a better balance and WAY more veggies than I have been eating.

veggie stir fry

(Side note: going through all my pictures, pretty much all of them are sweets..)

3. My physical therapist thinks my ortho will clear me to be weight-bearing (no crutches) next Wednesday. Less than a week! I hope he clears me to be weight-bearing considering I’ve already been walking without crutches at home–with and without the boot. I’m still slow, but it’s sooooooo liberating not to be fettered to crutches to get from one side of the bathroom in the morning to the other. Freedom!

Lovey Pudgeman

Proof that I used to have legs.

4. I can’t wait for Friday.

Thursday It's Not Friday

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