Quick Weekend Recap

I wish this weekend could have lasted a lot longer. Even though I spent most of it asleep (seriously), I feel like I need more rest to recuperate before Monday shenanigans. Sean’s mom and aunt came all the way down from Kentucky to visit us on Thursday. They had a fun time hiking Kennesaw Mountain Friday, while I was at work.

Then we met my mom for dinner at a tasty pizza place out in Alpharetta. I was called Campania, and they had those fancy pizza ovens that cook the dough in 4 minutes or something like that. They were surprisingly not busy for a Friday night (at least not when we first arrived). Afterward, we all scooted down the road to Cold Stone Creamery for an ice cream. All in all–it’s how Friday nights should be.

Frozen Yogurt from Yogurt Land

All frozen treats are my favorite treats.

Saturday was a lot of hanging out and napping followed by lunch at a salad buffet called Sweet Tomatoes. I’ve heard people at my work talk about how good it is, but I was pretty impressed. It was expensive ($10 a plate!), but I’d be willing to go back. You get unlimited salad with whatever toppings, and there’s also a soup, bread, pasta, fruit, and dessert bar to pick from. We came home and watched Life of Pi, and headed to bed early since Sean’s mom & aunt were heading out around 3 or 4am Sunday morning.

Sunday was pretty lazy as well. We made cookies and banana bread, tried a recipe we hadn’t made in a long time, and headed to bed early to prepare for an early Monday. Weekends always go by too quickly.




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