That Time I Forgot How to Run

I spent the majority of Monday with a headache/face ache. Does anyone else get these? I used to get migraines a lot in college (and maybe in middle & high school, but I was undiagnosed). This didn’t really feel like a migraine. It just felt like I’d been hit in the head with a 2 x 4, and this was the residual ache. I tried eating and massaging my neck/head/face to no avail. And then, as soon as I got home, it was almost completely gone. Apparently, I just needed to pet a cat or breathe my own air or something.



Physical therapy was interesting yesterday. I told the PT about all the walking I did over the weekend (1.5 miles, baby), and he had me walk on a treadmill for 17 minutes. I was supposed to walk until fatigue, but my ankle was doing just dandy, and I was tired of spending my PT time on the treadmill. I’m not paying a shit ton to walk on a treadmill. I can do that at work for free.

He asked me if I wanted to try jogging, but I was afraid to do it in front of all the other patients. The likelihood of it being weird or me falling or cursing loudly in pain–all very high. Instead, I tried jogging a little at the end of our evening walk. We went the .5 mile loop around the neighborhood, and then headed to the tennis courts where I knew it’d be nice and flat. Sean offered to jog around the tennis courts with me, and so we set off. But not really.

I don’t remember how to run.

My gait is some wonky hobbling troll run where my left foot doesn’t know how to do what it should. My right foot is dragging it along, like, “Come. On. Start. Moving.” While the left does some weird, flat footed dance. It’s a joke really.

My PT informed me that my insurance only covers 4 more visits, so I have 2 left this week and 2 next week. I don’t think I’ll be running & box jumping & slide tackling & all that jazz by then. Here’s to hoping my body is way better at getting it’s shit together it than I’m giving it credit for.

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